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Visit to Kite factory

We paid a visit to Kite factory in a beautiful Italian village of Mandello del Lario by the lake Como.

Apart from motorbike parts the Kite company produces various other products such as compressors, pumps and more.

Moto Guzzi - a legendary motorbike manufacturer and Kite's neighbour was previously Kite's major customer. Kite used to produce engine valves and other engine parts for Moto Guzzi.


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jezero Como

beautiful nature and lake Como


Mandello del Lario

a hill in village Mandello del Lario, Italy


polotovary Kite

believe it or not but these are soon-to-be the best hubs in the world


středy Kite bez barvy

freshly cut out semi-finished Kite hubs


stupačky Kite

freshly cut out Kite foot pegs waiting for a paint job


hotové středy Kite

Kite hubs ready to be shipped


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